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Rashea Shamone

As a language teacher and coach, Rashea Shamone embodies the patience, mindset, and passion to expand minds while building new skills to achieve different goals.

As a digital nomad writer, she enjoys creating content about language learning and self-development through travel. Hence, the brainchild, EXPLORE MORE, a workshop on self-discovery and reinvention through travel. There's also Bonus Content at the end of your three Modules where you'll learn about the 3 Rs Method which was developed by Rashea Shamone.

Are you ready to change your life, just as she did?

After all, the future YOU, depends on it!

Rocio B.

 Rashea es muy atenta y responsable con sus clases. Tiene mucha creatividad para explicarte y es versátil de acuerdo a tus habilidades de aprendizaje. Ella hace la clase interesante, dinámica y divertida de manera que es más fácil y agradable el proceso de aprender un nuevo idioma. 

Imani H.

As an Expat living in Mexico, it's hard to communicate with natives for even the simplest things. However, Rashea has been here so long she speaks very well with natives which is why I started classes with her. She meets me where I am and working with what I know as she helps me to build on what I know or wish to learn.

Alma G.

Rashea es muy buena explicando, tiene muchas paciencia, lo mejor de ella es que busca la forma de ver cómo es más fácil en lo particular entender el idioma y cómo para mi sería mejor aprender, yo la recomiendo ampliamente, es muy buena maestra.